Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Medical Consequences of What Heterosexuals Do

Paul Cameron, PhD, wrote this article, (titled "Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do") detailing the dangers of homosexual sex. Which, of course, means gay men only. Apparently lesbians are either non-existent or less offensive to the average bigot. I don't know which is worse, really.

Here is an example of why selective statistical misuse is a simple way to spread your own bigotry everywhere (note the obvious satirical content here):


By Jane Know, Honorary PhD in Spreading the Homosexual Agenda and Proud Shrill Feminist

Throughout our people's storied history, men have always had sex with women. Yet this behavior often brings with it many detrimental effects. It is becoming clearer and clearer that heterosexuals are on the verge of destroying themselves with their spread of STDs and HIV, unwanted pregnancies, their contributions to the overpopulation problem, etc. Yet before delving into those atrocities, we must first ask:

What do heterosexuals do, anyway? Per the CDC:

-97% of ALL men ages 25-44 report having some sexual contact with the opposite sex

-97% of ALL men report having vaginal sex with female partner

-90% of ALL men report having oral sex with a female

-40% of ALL men report having anal sex with a female

-34% of all new HIV cases in 2002 were from heterosexual vaginal intercourse

-Teenage birth and pregnancy rates are higher in the U.S. than in many other industrialized countries

-34% of non-Hispanic black men have had more than 15 opposite-sex partners

-22% of non-Hispanic white men have had more than 15 opposite-sex partners

-18% of Hispanic men of all races have had more than 15 opposite-sex partners

-While HIV rates are far lower for lesbians than heterosexual women, they are 70% likely to be tested for HIV in their lifetimes, compared to only 53% likely for heterosexual women.

-15% of solely-heterosexual men have had an STD other than HIV

-88% of females have had oral sex with a male

-35% of females have had anal sex

One may now ask what the damages are of these depraved sexual practices of heterosexuals.

Thankfully, Dr. Cameron has already answered that for me. All I have to do is substitute "heterosexual" for "homosexual" in certain sections of his article.

For example: "ORAL SEX [Heterosexual women] fellate almost all of their sexual contacts (and ingest semen from about half of these). Semen contains many of the germs carried in the blood. Because of this, [heterosexuals] who practice oral sex verge on consuming raw human blood, with all its medical risks. Since the penis often has tiny lesions (and often will have been in unsanitary places such as a rectum), individuals so involved may become infected with hepatitis A or gonorrhea (and even HIV and hepatitis B)..."

and "RECTAL SEX Surveys indicate that [about 40% of heterosexual males and 34% of heterosexual females] have engaged in rectal intercourse..."

"Rectal sex is dangerous. During rectal intercourse the rectum becomes a mixing bowl for 1) saliva and its germs and/or an artificial lubricant, 2) the recipient's own feces, 3) whatever germs, infections or substances the penis has on it, and 4) the seminal fluid of the inserter. Since sperm readily penetrate the rectal wall (which is only one cell thick) causing immunologic damage, and tearing or bruising of the anal wall is very common during anal/penile sex, these substances gain almost direct access to the blood stream. Unlike heterosexual intercourse [sic] (in which sperm cannot penetrate the multilayered vagina and no feces are present),7 rectal intercourse is probably the most sexually efficient way to spread hepatitis B, HIV syphilis and a host of other blood-borne diseases.
Tearing or ripping of the anal wall is especially likely with "fisting," where the hand and arm is inserted into the rectum. It is also common when "toys" are employed ([heterosexual] lingo for objects which are inserted into the rectum--bottles, carrots, even gerbils8). The risk of contamination and/or having to wear a colostomy bag from such "sport" is very real. Fisting was apparently so rare in Kinsey's time that he didn't think to talk about it..."

Further, heterosexual teens practice the absolutely vile, irresponsible behavior of premarital sex resulting in unwanted teen pregnancies. These unwanted pregnancies result in abortion, adoption (the lesser of two evils), or raising an unwanted child in poverty. The addition of more babies does wonders for our world's overpopulation problem.

Further, heterosexual teenagers are the subgroup with the highest rates of STD infection. This irresponsible behavior is something they no doubt learn from their (usually) heterosexual parents. It is obvious that they are imitating their parents' behavior of having heterosexual intercourse. The Southern states of Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, and Arkansas, and New Mexico are particularily guilty of these moral crimes. Anyone who supports American Families surely would advocate the ban of heterosexual parents. Or at least a ban on heterosexual parenting south of the Mason-Dixon line.

The dangers of heterosexual intercourse for women, specifically are gonorrhea, chlamydia, pelvic inflammatory disease, HIV/AIDS, trichomonas, and syphilis. Studies have shown that repeated infection in the reproductive tract or PID can cause sterility. Studies have also shown that heterosexual women are far more likely than lesbians to get these common STDs. This is because most of these STDs require a penetrative penis entering the vaginal or rectal mucous membranes. ("Although the rate of transmission of STIs between women is probably low relative to that of transmission from men to women, a substantial proportion of lesbians, including those who self-identify as lesbians, and especially younger women most at risk for chlamydial infection, may continue to have sex with men"). So, there you have it. Get rid of that pesky penis, get rid of those pesky STDs.

Speaking of that pesky penis, it is evident that the United States has the highest rape rate of every developed country that keeps such statistics. 1.3 women in this country are raped every minute by men, and 1 out of 3 women will be sexually assaulted by a man in her lifetime. 1 in 7 women will be raped by her husband. 1 in 4 college women have been raped or suffered attempted rape. 1 in 12 male students admit to commiting acts that are considered rape. 84% of those males believed that what they had done didn't constitute rape. It is clear that the heterosexual male is some kind of depraved sex-seeking machine who still stop at nothing for intercourse.

Just so we're clear here, this is not an attack on heterosexuals themselves. It is only an attack on their immoral, depraved, unhealthy behavior. This is borne out of Genuine Compassion for The Heterosexual, or in the words of Dr. Cameron himself:

"Society is legitimately concerned with health risks-- they impact our taxes and everyone's chances of illness and injury. Because we care about them, smokers are discouraged from smoking by higher insurance premiums, taxes on cigarettes and bans against smoking in public. These social pressures cause many to quit. They likewise encourage non-smokers to stay non-smokers.
[Heterosexuals] are sexually troubled people engaging in dangerous activities. Because we care about them and those tempted to join them, it is important that we neither encourage nor legitimize such a destructive lifestyle. "

And remember, I don't hate the heterosexual. I just hate paying for their sins.



Rachel M. said...

OMG! We have to do something!!! what's the best way to stop hetero sex...fast?! thing is, i know some heteros. i want to help them! AND THE CHILDREN!!!!

John said...

I think marriage is the best way to stop heterosexual sex.

Fannie said...


but........ gerbils?

Grace said...

Wow Jane!!! Great piece. I heart you, even though you're so freakin' shrill.

Rachel M. said...

yes, fannie. gerbils. it ain't just a urban myth...like the hotdog and girl in high school thing

Rachel M. said...


Jane Know said...

"I think marriage is the best way to stop heterosexual sex."

haha! and homosexual sex.

grace and fannie, i will be debunking common health urban legends soon. i'll add the gerbil/gay man and hot dog/high school girl ones to the list. ;-)

Fannie said...


It sickens me when some heterosexuals insist on parading and flaunting their sexualities and unhealthy lifestyles in public.

alex said...

very good yes i'm a gay men and reading these post made me remember a bisexual boyfriend i had in cuba my country and one day he told me, Alex remember this,there is no other kinkier kind of sex than the heterosexual one ,simply because they are not the same physically and what you are exposed is simply something that you are not born with ,and nonetheless you are forced to like it and to enjoy it even when you clearly are awared that your partner wouldn't ever do that to someone of his own kind ,but you the one that is born completely different you have to show how much you like and enjoy the opposite gender.heterosexual couples are a bunch of freaks ,just look at their horrible physical difference ,is so funny,and kind of gross as well because they are so disproportional ,asymmetric ,well basically two separated different kind of bodies.whereas we are the same and congruous,and we truly belong naturally because we are connaturals and we were created equals and we are the same,so we have the moral and natural right to be together and not be separated from those to whom nature made us equals,,also what they are enjoying truly realistically it doesn't belong to them as it sexually belong to us ,the carriers ourselves,in other words, have no reason to like a vagina more than a straight woman.because i haven't even seen a freaking vagina in my whole life and to tell you the truth all the heterosexuals women that I've known simply tells me in my face that a vagina is disgusting and nasty, i agree with them!!,then as a psychologist i say ,they are "playing opposites" and this is also another of the reason heterosexuality is so mentality unhealthy.they pressure the opposite gender to like what themselves don't like.heterosexuals should be called cross-sexual meaning that having their own kind of gender they want to adopt for the purpose of sexual enjoyment another that is complete different than their own ,it's kind like an invasion to those of the opposites kind of gender,they don't even respect each other ,i still wonder how come is possible that a straight woman is so willingly to suck and drink the body fluid of someone that is not physically like her ,and the same go to the males ,how come a male is so willing to reject what truly belong to them, the cock ,that is what they were born with ,not a vagina,and them you see them swallowing vagina fluids like pigs,and they have the guts to say that gay sex is gross!!!!! before they criticize gay sex they first have to see what they have by their side ,cuz my partner and i are the same and equals physically and sexually ,and belong naturally to the same group,and therefore we enjoy what belong to us by birth, the penis. but do their partners have the same kind of genitalia than them do,this is clearly a sexual mess or mixture to say the least ,this people sexual life is truly much much much kinkier than ours because they are simply not of the same anatomy.there is no sameness and oneness and of course the wont to have non reproductive sex at the same level than us ,the equals and the double ones,what they don't realize is that we can do anything we want because we are the same ,but they just make a mess,how gross and contaminating,i have to admit that i'm a sexual puritan which means that the very idea of thinking that my partner is physically different than me disgust me,i do not like sexual dimorphism,it's gross and kinky.my partner will always have to have as a rule the same kind of body than me.if you wanna have fun someday just start noticing their sexual dimorphism and their gross physical difference.they truly don't have the same body features it's like looking at two different kind of humans.i'm truly amazed at how they reject what sexually belong to them and how they expect that it is those of the other gender the ones that have to be willing and accepting to be exposed to some other kind of gender genitalia. i tell them honey, i'm sorry, do not attack me ,i do not like your
crap cuz i wasn't born with it!!!if you do not like it, what your own gender have i do not like it either ,do not dump your crap on your neighbors back yard!!!i'm not a cross sexual cuz i do not like sexual cross over, i better stay with my own ,i do not cross the shore to enjoy a different kind of gender that is totally physiologically different than me, ,cross sexuality is gross !!.i truly take it as an attack when somebody of the opposite gender come to me with attitude and everything included hitting on me pretty much aggressively.and they don't realized that i'm from a totally different kind of gender apart from them,this is the very purpose of the heterosexual agenda ,the practice of cross sexuality, in order to enjoy sex you have to cross over to the other gender and leave behind your own one ,so you get forcibly exposed whether you like it or not to the other kind of body,it's like a sexual life sentence that they impose ,heterosexuality is like a jail and of course we escaped from it and now we are dissidents ,it's like in cuba ,it happens in every totalitarian and controlling system ,the heterosaexual agenda is the same becuase yo are obligated to love and be accepting to enjoy sexually something that you are aware that it truly doesn't belong to you as your very own gender,them you feel like you and you partner truly don't belong because you are so different sexually that it becomes annoying day by day ,one day in cuba a woman told me that she wants to suck my cock and i look at her and i told her ,go do that to your own gender cuz that's what belong to you, you have a vagina, not a cock ,that's what belong to you and she told me that she doesn't have to like a vagina because she is not a dyke,and women like to suck cock ,and of course i guess men have to like the vagina what a freaks!!!!how they "play opposites"!!!. so they even feel with the right to go and enjoy orally what belong to the other kind of gender ,and at the same time you are supposed to correspond them so if she like the to suck cock them i have to like to lick a vagina ,it seems like a fictitious game, give me a cock and i give you a vagina what an exchange!,but do not ever dare to like and desired your very own gender!!!!desire the genitalia of the opposite gender,the one that is not what belong to you, "play opposites"!!! they want you to enjoy orally for example what you weren't born with but they don't want you to enjoy want you were born with ,on the contrary you are the one that have to like what they have and not your own because my own is for the female and what the female has is what i must like if i don't like it even when i haven't seen it before them i'm mentally ill .and this is how you can see how absurd is heterosexuality. they are soooo willing to adopt what nature doesn't given to them especially orally.so not only is heterosexuality mentality unhealthy because you are obligated to enjoy someone that is physically different than you ,and you have to reject your own gender ,and simply watch how the opposite gender enjoys what is truly ours and us,well you know, damned to someone that is totally from a different specie.heterosexuality is contaminating and all the unhealthy thing that they do are truly kinky and unnatural well like i said just look that they don't realize that they are a freaky couple compared to us,cuz they don't have any physical similarities and no biological and sexual belonging realistically they are two separated gender whereas we do have the natural and sexual belonging which means that when i open wide my freaking legs my partner is sure that what he is enjoy belong to him 100% because he was born with the same so he doesn't need to see himself in the unpleasant position of getting used to someone that is totally not of his own kind and equal to him.
this is just an example of how nasty and kinky this heterosexuals are ,this a few of them not all by any means:
disgusting vaginal intercourse during menstruation.
disgusting swallowing of menstrual blood by the men,even when they were not born with a vagina and no heterosexual woman themselves would ever do that to another woman even when they are the same physically and that's what truly belong and correspond sexually to them.nontheless they like the genitalia of the opposite gender and their expect in return that the opposite gender like their genitalia.what a pleasant game!!!and disgusting cross over kind of oral sex ,one partner from one gender will perform oral sex on the other partner that has in turn a totally different gender and physical traits,what a mess! and how gross!.they are not the SAME! they are not EQUALS!they do not belong sexually,like we do.
disgusting body intoxication with pills in order to avoid getting pregnant,many of these pills have strong chemicals that can make the woman infertile.sometimes they go even further like in Cuba, women wear T's these things inside the uterus can become cancerigenous and produce infertility or even cancer like what happened to a friend of my mother in cuba, she died because her T became to old.
disgusting and unhealthy vasectomies for the male,is like a minor but complicated surgery and thing can get nasty.
disgusting frequent abortions like no lesbians will ever have cuz they truly plan to get pregnant.
disgusting killing of babies like in china and india where the female babies are killed by their heterosexual parents.
disgusting giving and abandoning their own children,giving them to adoption,and sometimes creating a new familly years later with a new man or woman,
disgusting and unhealthy artificial implants to increase the size of their tits.lesbian are more naturals.
disgusting anal sex without the due hygienic care like homosexuals do.it's just not their culture.
the female get spontaneous vaginal infection and the male have to stand that like a hero without necessity because he could very well be with his own gender and not some one that is sexually different.again gross. well the least goes on and on and on