Friday, October 19, 2007


The "Blog" of "Unnecessary Quotation Marks" is genius. I love it.

Now, I hope someone does a Blog of Unnecessary Apostrophe's. ;-)


John said...

I often use it's when I mean its and I know better. I write all day and it I am alarmed when I read back something I have written earlier and find here instead of hear, their instead of there, etc.

I worry I'm going senile. I never made these mistakes when I wrote on paper.

Grace said...

HAHAHA!! I LOVE that blog! That's my personal "pet" peeve, too.

Jane Know said...

Haha! i HATE it when i make those mistakes, too, because i was an english major in undergrad and definitely know better.

hopefully it's not early-onset dementia.

that blog is great, though.