Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What's Funnier than Funny?

Buying all 7 Harry Potter books for your children: roughly $120.00.

Watching all 5 Harry Potter movies in the theater plus popcorn and snacks for Traditional Fundie Family of Four: $500.00.

Learning that your beloved wise-old man mentor character is a Homosexual, the lifestyle of which you publicly and hatefully condemn on a daily basis: Priceless.

Guess which fundies are bleating now. The winner gets a free spellbook.

Jose Solano's daughter has read every single Harry Potter book, that he probably bought for her, and now he is pissed that Dumbledore is gay!

hahahahahahahahahahahaha. *snort*

It's hilarious because he probably didn't care at all that she was reading this "homosexualist propoganda" because IT. ISN'T. HARMFUL. TO. CHILDREN. but now all of a sudden, he's bleating away about the Occult, and spells, and the series' non-Christianity in general. Something he probably didn't care one iota about until he J.K. Rowling made her announcement last month. Why does Jose all of a suddent sound like he's a paranoid accuser at the Salem witchcraft trials?

He says " Clearly it would have been a financial disaster as the vast majority of parents don’t want to entertain the notion that kids are going to get magic lessons from a homosexual. It was bad enough for many that they were going to be instructed in a Godless, occult, witchcraft world where all sorts of demons can be conjured up but where no one ever thinks of praying to God for guidance or help."

Ha. Fucking. Ha.

Yes, Jose. Because we Americans should all be held to YOUR particular religious standards. In fact, even authors should write about your religion only. Publishers should only publish works of God. And further, our wittle kids in America should only read and learn about Christianity.

In fact, all the Idiots at our least favorite blog are bleating away about it.

They've resorted now to attacking the beloved Dumbledore, and even attacking Rowling herself, and her talent. It's insane. And once again proves that their blog is based more on attacking gay people and much less on protecting "families."

Jose says, "Well, my children haven’t heard about it and guess what? I’m not telling them"

Thinking you have absolute control over what your children hear and see from sources other than you? You guessed it. Priceless.

If he weren't so hateful, I would pity him. But he doesn't deserve my pity.

That's right, Idiots. You're right and the rest of the world is wrong. Rowling is now a talentless satan-worshipping witch that has now played a "cruel joke" on the innocent children who read her books.

Just keep telling yourselves that. Whatever it takes to "save the family and protect tradition."


Rachel M. said...

"He says "Clearly it would have been a financial disaster as the vast majority of parents don’t want to entertain the notion that kids are going to get magic lessons from a homosexual..."

umm...really? Clearly? the vast majority? is that a FACT? i'd love to see the stats on that, jose. which study produced the conclusion that "the vast majority of parents" have a problem with gay educators? Once again Solano gets the DUMB-FUCK AWARD. not bad, considering he has some SERIOUS competition at "that other blog."

Grace said...

you GUYS!!!!!!!

Jose Solano DOES love Dumbledore.

What an asshole. Really.

Fannie said...

The best part about his "article" is that he (and some of the others) talk about Dumbledore as though he's a real person. They are actually debating whether he truly is gay or not, as though the character exists in the real world and it's not up to the AUTHOR of the FICTIONAL BOOK whether her character in this FICTIONAL WORLD is gay.

Yes folks the opiners: unable to separate fact from fiction.

But we already knew that didn't we?

Jane Know said...

yes, and i LOVE how they are quickly and paranoidly trying to rationalize Dumbledore's gayness and the fact that they probably were avid fans *before* the big news. Like Renee saying Dumbledore is a poor example of a homosexual because he ends up alone...ignoring the facts that a) he is very successful in his career, b) is a very positive influence on children, c) the books are never overtly sexual to begin with and it would be inappropriate to discuss any of the adults' sex lives in the books because they are irrelevant, and d)they probably loved the character before they knew he was gay.

Fuckin' hypocrites.

John said...

These opine people seem way overly concerned about "messages" that the children might receive.

I am big fan of Harry Potter and my children and I have discussed many of these messages.

I can't find a single negative in the entire series.

And the revelation that Dumbledore was gay changes nothing.

Jane Know said...


it's like in real life.

you like someone based on their personality, actions, ideas, characteristics, etc.

and if you later find out they happen to be gay, it's too late.

you already like them, and to not like them *just because they are gay* is stupid. and makes someone a fuckwad. like Jose and his little klan.

Musicguy said...

I've been laughing for a week over this whole story. poor christians. I do hope they get over the shock in a timely fashion so that they can go back to attacking our real (as opposed to ficitonal) lifestyles.

Jane Know said...

i'm sure it won't take long...