Friday, November 30, 2007

Renee of Opine Editorials: Feminist or "LAF?"

Renee, the token female blogger over at Opine Idiotorials, posted an article and several comments two days ago that warrant further attention. Now, Renee often meanders around topics, goes into depth about her lactation experiences, mistakenly calls herself "liberal" and "feminist," and posts irrelevant, unscientific articles that she believes prove how male-female "coitus" (as she calls it) and heterosexuals are superior, all in the name of "protecting children." I have already addressed how most children don't need her "protection."

But two days ago, she won the award for biggest internet fuckwad. She posted this article on her blog.

After her pal, Fitz, predictably converted the discussion of an article detailing why biological dads are better than step-dads into a diatribe againt same-sex marriage and feminism being evil, Renee ended up closing her thread to all comments, ending with this remark:

"Renee said...
Ok, I'm closing the thread. Real feminists make men accountable, they don't bash them.

Penises aren't that scary either."

(I had questioned why Fitz turns everything into a blame-game on "feminism" as the most evil enemy of the state. And told him, along the way, that vaginas are really not that scary.) Because yes, I do believe that the anti-feminist is really anti-vagina. And anti-woman. Just watch how he blames feminism and women's studies majors on the decline of marriage. At. Every. Chance.

Yes. Seriously. RENEE is now trying to hand out "feminism" badges.

ha ha ha *snort*

Little Mrs. Too-Eager-To-Please-Her-Opine-Idiot-Male-Counterparts to stick up for women's rights, is now declaring who is and isn't a feminist. This is the same woman who believes men and women aren't equal, they are "complementary." Sounds strikingly familiar to the LAF. For those of you who don't know what the LAF is, it stands for "Ladies Against Feminism." Their slogan: "Promoting Beautiful Womanhood."

Apparently Renee believes that lesbians can't be feminists because they don't like sex with men.

She reminds me of the "feminist" women portrayed on "If These Walls Could Talk, 2." In the movie the heterosexual feminists at a certain college made the lesbians leave the organization, because they didn't want to be labeled as "lesbians" and they felt the lesbians were giving them a bad name. I feel that Renee's hatred of gays and lesbians is similar to that. She frankly tells Fannie she is not a feminist without any further explanation. And when Fannie coherently addresses Renee's charge, Renee replies with her typical non-sequitor rife with unintelligble sentences.

Sorry, Renee. Real men don't bash feminists (the way Fitz does constantly). And real feminists don't bash lesbians (the way you do).

And real feminists don't write articles denouncing gay men, other women, lesbians, step-dads, and anything other than your heteronormative cookie-cutter family.
Sorry Renee, it seems to me like you're a little too eager to please the "men" over at Opine.

Oh, and watch her talk (or cut-n-paste other people's articles, more accurately) about many irrelevant-to-the-issue concepts of biology and "coitus" here and here and here and here.

As if, no really, we gays and lesbians just don't understand basic human biology. And maybe if we understood it, we wouldn't have the audacity to be gay anymore. Because she doesn't approve of gay people. Just maybe.

Watch her protect her Opine boys when they insult women [oh wait, they deleted her "real feminists don't bash men" comment]

Watch her flinging insults as she runs out the door to receive the obligatory pat on the head from the Opine boys. [oh wait, they deleted that comment, too]. For a collective group of people who complain and whine about censorship, they sure as hell know how to do it. And no wonder they claim they do not make personal attacks on their site, they delete many of the personal attacks that their own contributors make! Have to keep up that "reasonable" nice-guy image, I suppose.

For, after Renee tells Fannie that Fannie is "not a feminist," she offers no explanation, and then restricts all comments to Opine "team members."

This censorship coming a mere day after Opine's "On Lawn" moniker claims,

"But we at Opine have never fallen short of taking the message to them. We've never left the discussions, only been kicked out."

Perhaps On Lawn shouldn't speak for all "at Opine" when he talks about leaving discussions.

Watch him claim:

"Only it is rather naive to think that if they think their carefully constructed message is so fragile that they have to retreat for safety to their own echo-chambers, gnashing their teeth and claiming victimization, that it is at the same time compelling for people to accept as truth. If John is doesn't let them out f the queue, if Fannie and Jane are so ready for the delete button on their sites, then I have to say that their message depends more on propaganda style control of the discussion more than any reliance on what they claim is truth."

Yes. Let's all ponder that.

(Did he really bring the Bible back with that "gnashing of teeth" bit?)

But back to Renee. She can hammer out the insults and anti-gay epithets like a pro, but when people start responding to her, she can't take it. She closes down her articles to commenters, and I've also seen her be aggressive and hostile towards other gay bloggers and then whine about people's nasty remarks back while she was pregnant. Oh, we're sorry, Renee. We forgot. You are involved in the Very Important Process of Baby-Making. Oh wait, we didn't forget. Because you never fail to remind of us of the baby-making process.

I have this to say to Renee: If you can't handle the heat, then stay in the kitchen. But if you're going to keep throwing out insults, others are going to expect you to stand behind your convictions instead of hiding behind your apron and breast-suckling babies.


Fannie said...

For someone who says:

"if Fannie and Jane are so ready for the delete button on their sites"

On Lawns sure has done a lot of deleting of his own lately.

Hypocrital smypocritical, I suppose.

So typical.

And I'll continue to say this, anyone who is capable of commenting in accordance with my written comment policy is welcome to. Thus far, most of the Opinres haven't proven capable of doing so.

John said...

As I mentioned today on Renee's latest bit of written diarrhea (about the McGeeveys), I don't think Renee even knows what gay means.

Jane Know said...

Yeah, she constantly refers to gay relationships as "friendships." Because, no really, we just don't get it. Straight couples can procreate and gay couples can't. Therefore, gay couples are just friends.

John said...

I think there is even more than that going on with Renee.

Beyond the procreation thing, she seem totally unaware of what same sex attraction is.

If you read her post on the McGreeveys she pretty much exposes her ignorance when she says that the McGreeveys could have, should have repaired their marriage.

Jane Know said...

You're right, John. I am constantly frightened by her (and others') lack of ability to empathize. She may not understand same-sex attraction, and that's okay. Neither do a lot of people. But the difference is that she chooses to stigmatize those who are attracted to the same sex. As if we are choosing to be that way.

Fannie said...

About Renee's belief that gay people are just good friends. Jane, remember when she told you something along the lines of:

"You may care for your 'girlfriend,' but that's not the same thing as love."

Like, she really thinks gay couples don't love each other. And that a woman's girlfriend isn't really a girlfriend, but a "girlfriend."

John said...

The opiners look around the world and see disorder at best, chaos at worst, and wonder why. So to explain the inexplicable they resort to religion, with or without a God.

Procreation is essential for the survival of the species and the human offspring take a long time to raise. So a formula is invented.

Boy meets girl (or historically, Daddy sells girl to boy's daddy).

Girl surrenders her sovereignty so as to better complement her boy.

Boy parts fit into girl parts (just like plumbing!), and babies pop out. Well not exactly "pop" and they take nine months to download. (Microsoft, are you on this?).

Boy and girl conform themselves to specific roles, so the the next generation of boy and girls do the same thing.

And all the ills of the entire world can be blamed on people who don't see that this it "The Way it is Supposed to Be (TM).

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

I'm always late in finding these little pieces of gold! Has anyone noticed how the Opiners have shrunk back to their rabbit hole? I suppose for people with control issues that is the best place for them, so they can continue to delete whatever they can't respons to.

John said...

John Hosty-Grinnel said:

"I'm always late in finding these little pieces of gold! "

Since you're a newlywed, I'm sure you have other things on your mind.