Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Do We Have a Ghost?

I thought Halloween was over. Apparently not.

My girlfriend and I just moved into a new place in September. It's in a big, old building in the heart of the city.

Ever since moving to the new place, one of our end tables has been moving completely unassisted at random times. I've seen it. My girlfriend has seen it. And my dog, apparently has seen it, too. This table is the same exact one we had at our last place. But now, the top part of the table (I have negative lesbian carpenter points), which is glass, has been sliding around by itself. The top part of the table is completely connected to the legs.

Here is a picture of this haunted table, post-movement tonight. (as in 20 minutes ago). My dog was staring at something on the wall right behind the table as it was moving:

Does anyone see anything that I don't?

I decided to do a little research, and this is what I found out, from the International Ghost Hunters Society:

"What are Ghosts?
Ghosts are departed souls who have lived and died on this earth, but for some reason have elected or been forced to remain on this earth plane after death. It is my belief that the intelligence and the emotions that made up who we were in this life survives the death process. This energy may be considered as our souls, energy that can't be destroyed at death, but is transformed into another configuration. This energy is detectable with EMF meters that measures milligauss units. Since we can measure the physical energy emitted by these entities, we know that ghosts are not figments of our imagination as some skeptics suggest...


The Girlfriend and I were just sitting on the couch watching tv and staring at our dogs, and the Girlfriend's laptop just fell off the haunted end table. Everyone was at least 2.5 feet from the laptop and its wires.

This is getting weird.

The Girlfriend is calling her mother, who knows about these kinds of things. Maybe she can help us.

In the meantime, here is info from another website:

"If you do have a ghost, be certain that it's a problem.

Even experienced ghost hunters, are startled by ghosts now & then. We also jump when someone steps out of the shadows, when a car runs a red light, and any other time the unexpected happens. We're merely startled. It's not a problem.

Many people feel as if they have something odd and unseen in the house. They don't mind sharing the space with the ghost(s). In fact, the majority of haunted houses are happily co-habited by the living and the spirits."

Oh. Great. It's a "problem?!" WTF?! OMG?!

Further down on that website, it states: "If your ghost is a problem, here's what to do. You'll probably want to print out this page, as it offers many solutions from our research as well as folklore. Start with one or two of these remedies. It should not be necessary to use them all."

Among the "remedies:"
-speaking to the ghost and telling it to leave.
-holy water (I do heart Buffy)
-prayer and religion. (a-wha?)
-garlic (I heart Willow, too)
-incense and space clearing
-convex mirrors
-flat mirrors

And, my favorite remedy, "sand, rice, split peas, etc." Because apparently you should, "Randomly toss rice, split peas, sand, salt (but not sugar as it leaves a sticky residue), coffee beans or grounds, or anything small and granular, on your kitchen floor when you go to bed at night (if that's when the ghosts are most bothersome).

According to folklore, the ghosts will pause to count the grains of whatever-it-is. They aren't very good at counting, so they have to start over again, repeatedly, or they forget the numbers.

Clean up the mess in the morning, and do the same routine again at night.

After a few nights of this, the ghosts will leave."

ha ha ha *snort* seriously?

(but don't think I won't try it, if it comes down to it)

I'll be sure to keep you updated if anything else weird happens. For now, the "ghost" isn't hurting us. And I'm a little intrigued.


John said...

I have a ghost, too.

Enjoy it; it is fun.

Fannie said...

That sounds fun.

But just remember how "Poltergeist" the movie started.... the ghosts were "fun" at the beginning....

John said...

I'm not sure "Poltergeist" is standard by which ghosts are judged, how do know it's not "Caspar".

Caspar was cool.

Jane Know said...

Casper was cool. And Poltergeist was because they lived on an old Indian burial grounds. Remember the movie "Ghost?" Maybe it's a Sam (Patrick Swayze)...

Remember Beetlejuice? They weren't bad ghosts, either.

We also have a theory that it's my grandmother. I took it out because it would have identified me, but we have a family picture on that table that has my grandma in it who died a couple years ago.

Maybe she's trying to tell me something? We moved the picture to the other table. Now, if THAT table moves, I will be really suspicious...

John said...

Let us know if you see your grandmother, and I would like to know what she's wearing.

The ghosthunters say:

"It is my belief that the intelligence and the emotions that made up who we were in this life survives the death process."

But do their clothes survive?

And every time I hear about someone seeing a ghost, they are never wearing the clothes they were buried in.

I want to know; do they come back and pick through their closets?

Do they go to Goodwill to get them back?

Jane Know said...

haha...i doubt i will see her or anything. ghosts are invisible after all. or they wear white sheets. ;-)

Jane's Girlfriend said...

Ooooh no! YOU won't see her. I will! you'll be safe and sound while YOUR grandma throws expensive things at ME.