Wednesday, September 5, 2007

seriously? was this necessary?

my one remaining addiction (after giving up cigarettes earlier this year) is exercise. i've been doing it religiously since i was, oh, about 14. the first thing i do when i move is find the nearest gym and become a member. i run 5-7 times a week. i lift weights a couple times a week. it makes me feel good.

today, i woke up early for my morning workout, and there was a sign posted on the door. ("Cheetah Gym is Closed Today") . sadly (and kinda gladly) i went to the coffee shop instead, and got a white mocha latte and flax braid. then went home and settled in to an episode of Buffy before work, thinking that it was a sign for me to not work out today. maybe i needed the rest. and a little Buffy never hurts anyone.

however, rumors started circulating quickly through my work by late morning, and throughout the online Chicago community.

apparently, my gym has closed for good, according to a letter written by the owner to The Chicagoist.

wow. talk about unprofessional. i have no idea what really happened between him and his employees. nor do i care. that's not our faults or our business. but i do know that, as a paying, loyal customer, this is a serious betrayal. we now have no idea what is going to happen with our automatic debits, the contracts we've signed, and money we've already paid for this month (it's not cheap). this owner guy sucks. and i wouldn' t be surprised to see more than a few lawsuits spring up from customers. (not me). i have neither the time nor inclination for that b.s.

i just want a place to work out.

or maybe it's time for a treadmill and bowflex to put in my new sunroom.


Fannie said...

That letter, and several others that I've seen the owner post about a few other matters are very unprofessional.

He seems more like a professional victim than any sort of business "professional."

Jane Know said...

seriously. he sounds paranoid, if you ask me.

his staff was always nice, friendly, helpful, etc. it was he who came across as arrogant and bitchy.

Grace said...

Yeah... sorry you can't go to your gym... but I gotta tell you, a little fraud and theft? Couldn't happen to a better person. He's a jerk.

Do you remember when we threw the Katrina's a Bitch benefit, and he wouldnt even donate a freakin t-shirt AND he was an asshole about it when we were ALL members of his gym? Yeah, he's not on my sympathy list.

Jane Know said...

oh yeah! i had forgotten about that. someone posted a link to his myspace profile on the Chicagoist.

what a jerk. he made over $250,000/year... and he also said, "I own successful businesses, and with the help of a great staff, I get to pursue my many other interests while they run the show..." or something to that effect.

karma's a bitch. i can't believe he didn't donate to our Katrina fundraiser. he was like the ONLY person who turned us down.

Miss Kitty Fantastico said...

"or maybe it's time for a treadmill and bowflex to put in my new sunroom."

yes please!