Friday, August 31, 2007

Big Fat Lesbian Wedding (no, not "mine", but a friend's)

tonight i will attend my first lesbian wedding. two of my good friends have decided to form a lifelong commitment with each other, and i am excited about this prospect, especially in light of the recent events on my blog and in Fannie's Room (where she also offers her glimpse into tonight's ceremony).

i'll be sure to post my experiences after the wedding, although i'm sure it will be the same as any other wedding i've attended.

i wish them happiness and all the best as they start their new life together as a family.


Anonymous said...
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Jane Know said...

ooh, good one "anonymous." and very original.

there's a really cool blog called "opine editorials," why don't you mosey on over there, i'm sure they'll let you join their blog. they don't really have standards, as long as you are against fags.

Jane Know said...

oh, and since i don't use the N-word or the word "fag" (unless it is in direct retaliation as was said above), i deleted the above comment that "Anonymous" posted. "Anonymous," please read my comment policy. and use a dictionary if the words are too big for you, as they undoubtedly are if you have to resort to the kind of comment you left on my blog.