Friday, August 24, 2007

AFA Alert blog #1: "Truth for Youth" bibles

Awhile ago, I thought it would be fun to subscribe to "AFA Alerts" via email. Just to see what "the other side's" arguments are. And maybe to catch wind of anything that may be of interest to other homos. or something.

FYI-AFA stands for American Family Association. To summarize from their website: "AFA believes that the entertainment industry, through its various products, has played a major role in the decline of those values on which our country was founded and which keep a society and its families strong and healthy. For example, over the last 25 years we have seen the entertainment industry "normalize" and glorify premarital sex. During that time we have suffered a dramatic increase in teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS and abortion as a means of birth control.
We believe in holding accountable the companies which sponsor programs attacking traditional family values. We also believe in commending those companies which act responsibly regarding programs they support."

you can expect semi-regular blogs regarding these emails.

for example, this week's AFA Action alert tells us about the "Truth for Youth" bible that we can order to distribute to teens. according to the website, this bible is the New Testament in color comics, that includes "Absolute Truths" on the evils of homosexuality, evolution, rock music, pornography, and peer pressure, among other things. finally! an answer to these universal questions. well, i signed up for my free bible and will be sure to post on here if it ever makes it to my house.

also of note, but i don't want to waste my money on this organization, was the "Harry Polarity and the Sinister Sorcery Satire." which, i'm told, will reveal all the dangers of witchcraft and sorcery that the Harry Potter series contains. phew. just when i was about to learn the spell to become a serpent animagus...


Jason said...

Two questions:

1) Are you a teenager?

2) Are you going to give this Bible to a friend in school?

Simple "yes" or "no" answers will suffice.

Jane Know said...

doy, and double-doy.

Jason said...

Well, since you failed to follow a very simple request, I will take that as "no" and "no."

So, in short, you are a liar. Do you feel good that you lied to acquire this Bible? Is lying like this a part of liberal values? It must be because of all the liberals I see lying to acquire these Bibles when they have these giveaways.

I look forward to reading your justification for lying regarding this issue. I'm sure it will be something along the lines of, "It's okay to lie when it means keeping one of these Bibles away from a kid who might be brainwashed by it."

Jane Know said...

good to see i have another regular reader, jason. thanks.

do you think you've trapped me in your rhetorical logic?

i just wanted some amusing bathroom reading, actually. let the masses read the Bible and decide for themselves whether it's "wrong" or "right."

Jason said...

I know I've trapped you in my logic (glad you can admit that's what it is) because you cannot directly respond to my comments. You cannot just plain say, "Yes, I lied to get this Bible," and/or, "I lied and it was wrong," can you? Instead, you throw up some nonsense about wanting "bathroom reading." How exactly does that explain or excuse lying? Obviously, lying is not a big deal to you - except, of course, when it's a conservative who is lying (which some do - liars know no political boundries), right? If so, that would make you a hypocrite.

Jason said...

Oh, and no, I'm not a regular reader. Reading one post does not a regular reader make. I just happened to stumble upon your post when searching Google's blog search for posts on the Truth for Youth Bibles (knowing I'd find many people like yourself who'd lie to get one of them). If I were a regular reader, I'd add your blog to my Bloglines list (which I haven't).

Fannie said...

Okay, she lied. Jesus.

There are good lies (eg- "No, your ass doesn't look big in those jeans").

There are bad lies (eg- "No, I didn't cheat on you")

There are big lies (eg- "We must attack Iraq because there are weapons of mass destruction")

There are little lies (eg- "No, I didn't eat the last cupcake.")

Among others.

I think I know where Jane's lie fits within these categories.

What are you trying to prove, that you caught Jane sinning? Congrats. Are you trying to expose hypocrisy? Or, do you really care about her mortal soul?*

And besides, all she has to do is ask for forgiveness and she's cool with God. Right.

*All rhetorical questions. No need to answer, buddy.

Jane Know said...

you're not a regular reader, and yet you keep on comin' back.

leave then.

jeez... the problem with arguing with you religious folk it that you are exactly the same as the rest of us, but you judge everyone different from you under the guise of God and Christianity. you are dangerous in that you think that makes you omniscient.

"Obviously, lying is not a big deal to you - except, of course, when it's a conservative who is lying (which some do - liars know no political boundries), right? If so, that would make you a hypocrite."

ps-nor do i think lying is a big deal when i'm taking one bible from a multi-million dollar "God-franchise" whose real motivation appears to be money-making and hate-mongering, not spreading the word of love.

i will happily trade you one of my rainbow sashes or PFLAG buttons in exchange for the bible, if you wish. it'll be a like a Girl-Scout convention.

Jason said...


You just gotta love the hypocrisy of relativism, don't you? "Good" lies vs. "bad" lies. (In my experience, the only good or bad lies are in golf - and I'm not talking about score-keeping). "Big" lies vs. "little" lies. I guess it's okay to tell lies all your life as long as they're all "little." Better a million "little" lies than one "big" lie, right? (BTW, regarding Iraq, by your standards, when will you hold these people accountable for their lies: ?)

A lie is a lie is a lie. Only people who have built their lives around lying would make phony distinctions between "good," "bad," "big" and "little" lies. "Sure, I've lied," they say, "But I've never lied about something important." This is the mentality that led people to make excuses for Bill Clinton lying under oath while he was president. "He only lied about a blowjob!" they shriek as if that actually makes any difference. The law is blind to such distinctions, thankfully, but people aren't, unfortunately, and that's why Clinton wasn't removed from office after violating his oath of office. I'd like to see one of you lie under oath, get caught, and then try to explain to the judge that it was just a "good" or "little" lie. Yes, that would be very amusing.

All lies are big and bad and there are no "good" or "little" lies. No, not even "your ass doesn't look big in those jeans." (Seriously, relationships are supposed to be build on trust and honesty. If you have to lie to make your partner feel good, then you probably should re-examine what your relationship is built on. There ARE ways of expressing negative answers delicately that don't involve lying.)

What am I trying to prove? That certain people - liberals, mainly - make false relativistic distinctions regarding negative behaviors. Jane and you obviously think it's okay to lie to Christians to acquire Bibles meant for teenagers to give to friends. I've little doubt that if the tables were turned, your "good/bad" and "big/little" distinctions would be tossed out the nearest window and you'd be having conniptions and would be frothing at your mouths with righteous indignation. If - that's IF - I and other Christians were lying to snap up books meant for teens that promoted legalizing gay marriage, your outrage would be great, even if we Christians were to justify the lies as "good" and "little."

So tell me: when does a "little" lie become a "big" lie? When does a "good" lie become a "bad" lie? Where do you draw the line? And is where you draw the line the same as where someone else would draw it? To you, "No, I didn't cheat on you" is a bad lie. Perhaps to someone else it isn't. Therein lies the fundamental problem with relativism: what you consider "good/bad" and "little/big" is not always the same as someone else. Who determines whether it is or isn't one or the other? You? The other person? Ultimately, under relativism, no one determines anything and all lies are permissible be they "good," "bad," "big" or "little." Under relativism, morals and even laws become meaningless. Under relativism, society crumbles.

As far as God is concerned with this issue, that's between Him and Jane. I've no say in it. I can tell you this, however: He never, NEVER said there was any distinction between "good/bad" and "little/big" lies.

Jason said...


I don't plan on coming back after this. I've seen enough and I'm sadly not the least bit surprised by it. The preachers of tolerance once again prove to be the most intolerant of all. Keep the sashes and the buttons - I've no need for meaningless trinkets that people use to try to prove to the world just how tolerant they supposedly are. "Look at me! Look how tolerant I am! Validate me!"

Keep the Bible, too. Perhaps while you're reading it while in the bathroom, you'll discover just how crappy your life is and how much you need someone to save you from it.

Fannie said...

"I can tell you this, however: He never, NEVER said there was any distinction between "good/bad" and "little/big" lies. "

And you talk to "him" on a regular basis, then?


That's all.

Jane Know said...

jason said: "Perhaps while you're reading it while in the bathroom, you'll discover just how crappy your life is and how much you need someone to save you from it."

your sweeping generalizations of we "liberals" and attacks on me personally are quite bold, considering you don't even know me as a real person. thank the goddess for nice, religious, compassionate people like you to show me the way.

Miss Kitty Fantastico said...

I too believe in truth telling. That being said, your holier than thou crap just bored the shit out of me. and i'm pretty sure jesus hates your prick-ass. you owe me 5 minutes of my life. i cannot tell a lie.