Wednesday, August 29, 2007

AFA Truth For Youth bibles, Part II

I'm slightly scared that "Jason," who commented on my "AFA Alert #1" blog is going to come after me in my sleep because of the whole bible thing. it really got his panties in a bunch that i ordered a bible from them. i went to his blog, and it was the epitome of anti-liberal. yikes. he's like my polar opposite.
(although some may say that this means we should get married...)

as if.


i got an email today from the AFA Truth for Youth campaign, saying they are fresh out of the bibles. so they won't be sending me one this time. But, as soon as the new ones are printed, i will get an "even better, newer" version of the bible. jackpot!


Fannie said...

Aww, that's cute of them.

Jane Know said...

yeah... but "jason" is scary once i found out he isn't a teenager, but a grown man, married with children.

Fannie said...

wait, he's not a teenage boy?

no shit?

DuWayne Brayton said...

Creepy innit? And actually he's an idiot. They are happy to send out samples to people who "might" have an interest in buying quantities. They are also happy to send it to folks who mock them, in the hopes they will read it and change their lives. Back in my fundy preteens, they happily sent me a sample bible that was probably not nearly as spiffy as that one - suckered me into raising the money to buy a case too.

If I had a blogroll, Id roll you. As I don't I won't. But if I ever do, your on it, just to spite the creepy fundy. . .

Jane Know said...

duwayne, really? wow. i don't make it a habit to mock other people's religions, but this does appear to be some evil money-making scheme... on the backs of bigots, nonetheless, but still. thanks for commenting.

Adrienne said...

Wow, that Jason dude is scary. Thanks to his blog, though, I found out D. James Kennedy died. (Not sorry to hear about that, Kennedy was a truly evil man).