Monday, June 2, 2008

Blogging for LGBT families day!

Shoutout to Fannie's Room for bringing this day to my attention.

Along the same vein, I would like to blog about my family. This is the way I will show that my family, though different from a fundamentalist family or a mother-father-child unit, is still a family.

While some anti-gay characters often claim that gay people are merely "playing house," I believe that my life, career, and relationship are actually very real. Their prejudices, far from their hypothetical situations they present on a daily basis, affect my life in far greater ways than theirs are affected by my choices and way of life. Yet, they insist upon intrusion into a private sphere. They insist on judgment, call gay people horrible names, accuse them of worse, yet their "knowledge" of gays and lesbians is built on the lies of their religions, their own families, their prejudiced worldviews, and their own sexual insecurities. The more they spout their ignorance, the more I become convinced that they do not actually know (m)any gay people at all.

Here is an extra special glimpse into my family life. Decide for yourself whether it's "real" or not. ;-)

First, my dogs. Well, okay, the fat one is my girlfriend's dog. Pugs are weird. But I do love the thing. The black and white one is mine. I don't think they care that they have two mommies. Sometimes, they don't even notice. Honestly, they are just concerned about eating, pooping, peeing, playing with toys, barking at every little noise, and going on walks:

In order to support any future fake family or children that I have while "playing house," I will need to increase my income (all monopoly money, of course). I am well on my way, as I reach the half-way mark of a two-year post-master's program. This quarter has been particularily busy, as I am enrolled in 3 classes and working more than full time. Here are the books that make up some of my classes:

Sometimes we gays get romantic. Sometimes we like to give each other roses, just like straight couples, in order to show each other that we are in love. This a rose I gave my girlfriend this weekend:

Okay, this is just weird. And cute. But I won this giant dog at a festival this weekend, playing (surprise) a basketball game. We lesbians are good at sports.

When not recruiting gays and lesbians, advancing the homosexualist agenda, and destroying heterosexual marriages, my girlfriend and I like to work on puzzles, play Rock Band, and go running with our i-pods.

This is one of many pics from my recent vacation to Puerto Rico. My girlfriend and I had a wonderful vacation.

And finally, because she always has to have the last word, white-black dog says, if you mess with her family, you mess with her. And trust me, that is no laughing matter.


Anonymous said...

you have a beautiful family...

Grace's Dog said...

"if you mess with her family, you mess with her. And trust me, that is no laughing matter."

um. Yeah. Don't fuck with her.

Jane Know said...

haha... and she knows from experience...

Teddy2 said...

your family rocks! (especially your rock band set-up... I'm VERY VERY jealous!)

Jane Know said...

teddy2, you're welcome to come over to my place to play rock band, if you ever get time! i love it! i can't sing, but i am awesome at the drums and guitar. :-)