Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Homobigot Hypocrisies #1

In my frequent internet encounters and perusings of other blogs, I often come into contact with anti-gay bloggers/commenters/personas/charicatures.

While on one hand denouncing everything pro-gay (be it hate crime legislation or marriage equality, for example), they often at the same time hold gay people/couples to higher standards than they would ever hold themselves and exhibit the very characteristics they abhor and critique about gay people or gay rights supporters. Psychologists may call it "projection." I, however, am not a psychologist. Therefore I will call them hypocrites.

Thus, welcome to installment #1 of Homobigot Hypocrisies.

Exhibit #1

Observe specimen A, On Lawn, a regular character of an anti-gay blog, when he says this:

"Moral law being taught the experience of their own actions, they are held accountable to know for themselves what brings happiness or sorrow. Nature is not merciful to ignorance, whether through naivety or even the intellectual arrogance of "how things really should be". [emphasis added, discussing the CA judges use of "emotion" in their decision striking down the anti gay marriage ban]

Yet, observe how On Lawn deigns to know the "true" purpose of childbirth and marriage:

"Marriage equality means, in part for men, supporting women through their truly unique challenges. And then each gender supporting each other in raising the children."

Oh, is this the reason he is against gay marriage? A-wha? Because men are men and women are women, they should support each other in marriage, and gay people shouldn't get married. That's his argument here. While I don't think anyone would disagree with one gender supporting the other in marriage, can the same not be said for same-sex couples? The arrogance with which he continuously connects irrelevant sidebar articles to his ever-increasingly pathetic arguments is a bit hypocritical.

In other news, Concerned Woman for America, Jose Solano apparently believes he should also start an aptly-named group of like-bodied men, perhaps titled Concerned Little Men for America. Maybe one day, he will fight for equal rights for short men alongside his valiant battle in obtaining equal rights for heterosexuals and Christians...(and women, of course).

Whines Jose about discrimination against short men, "Where the height discrimination is truly strongest is in employment. In the US you will rarely find a short man in an executive positive. If you do he must be quite an extraordinary individual."

Hmm...Because if a short man does not succeed, it is due to no other shortcomings than his small stature... Nice try, Jose.

They are a very deep bunch over there... deep in their own pile of cow sh*t.


John said...

"...can the same not be said for same-sex couples?"

I think that is the whole story right there.

They simply have no concept of same-sex relationships being virtual identical to straight relationships,

I hope more than anything that they will see it eventually.

Jane Know said...

They really don't have any concept of same-sex relationships, John. You are so right. That is becoming more and more evident. Whatever "concern" they have for The Children is becoming greatly overshadowed by their "concern" with The Homosexual and their gayer than gay mcgayerton relationships and "fake families."

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

The ironic thing about Jose's stance against us is that we defend his point that height should not be discriminated against.

So often I see one minority group not sticking up for the other, that really frustrates me. GLBT people are the most likely to "get it" and defend someone else's rights even when they don't reciprocate.

I believe that principle makes us more American than those who don't defend against all forms of discrimination equally.

Jane Know said...

I agree, JHG. While many of us oppose discrimination of any kind, too many people on "their" side only oppose the discrimination that directly affects them. Or, more likely, they only start to acknowledge the damaging effects of discrimation *when* the time comes (as it surely always does) that they are the ones being discriminated against.

I just find the complaints of discrimination ironic coming from Jose Solano, who has said some of the most discriminatory, hateful things(against the LGBT population) I have ever come across on the internet. He is SO outspoken in his very public criticisms against gay people that it is (interesting? ironic? just plain weird? I can't really decide) to see him whining about being discriminated against.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Perhaps it is as simple as wanting acceptance enough to join a group that points it's fingers at others instead of him. In accepting their hate he finds within their ranks a form of belonging he lacks in other parts of his life.

He could also be a closeted gay man, which I am sure many of these people are. Not everyone gets caught red handed like Ted Haggard, but signs are bountiful. I have yet to determine the marital status of many who say the worst things of me; a tell-tale sign.

John said...

I must be the odd duck. I am short (every time I step out into the street, I bump my ass on the curb), ugly and 85% deaf, and I have never been discriminated against.