Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sweet baby jesus, what's gayer than gay?

Blogger Vox Day's band of followers.

I stumbled upon this gem yesterday, sent to me by a friend. I honestly didn't know if Day is serious in his anti-women articles, or if he is a parody of a woman-hater just trying to get attention or to make money. People can resort to pathetic means when trying to gain fame, or infamy.

The article he writes here, in the ever-neutral, ever-reliable news source World Net Daily "A Free Press for a Free People," Day discusses "The real assault on science."

This self-ascribed "...member of the SFWA, Mensa and IGDA..." (not that anyone knows what those acronyms stand for) writes about how the principle of "female equalitarianism" (ie-the belief that men and women are equal)is the single biggest threat to "Western Civilization" and to science. After the predictable woman-hating rants against Title IX, atheism (because how does one uphold his male-on-top status without the misuse of religion?), and "womyn's" studies (his spelling) he actually gets to the point of his article, which is not at all related to the former topics: that women are good at education, just not the application of it in the real world. And this failure in ability to apply themselves is going to lead to the destruction of science as we know it.

He matter-of-factly states "Of course, this will sound to equalitarians and their sympathizers like nothing more than male whining, but it's nothing of the sort. Because they are the intellectual driving force of humanity, men will be fine..."

Oh, it gets better.

He continues, "It is written that 'women ruin everything'; having destroyed the liberal arts, the classics and the pseudo-sciences, it is now abundantly clear that the more rigorous sciences are next on the equalitarians' destructive agenda."

Of course, we don't know where "it" is written. Or who said that "women ruin everything," but I suppose we should just take this Mensa member's word for it. After all, a wise man once said, "Wherever you go, there you are."

Instead of getting angry (because really, how could one take this article seriously?), I went to his blog to figure out if this was just a parody of a typical woman hater. To see if the guy was actually serious when he wrote this article about applied science that doesn't actually apply any science.

Yep, he was serious.

I left a comment on his blog calling him a tool for this, and the rash of his fellow circle-jerk members were quick to defend him and to tell me to "take it up the ass" with their (obviously) large penises, and to whip out my "womyn's studies" book.


A group of men who hate woman predictably stereotyping someone who opposes their views as a "womyn's studies" major or something. Because how could a woman possibly be offended without having a college degree in feminism? Not any women of theirs, who are surely cutting their pieces of steak for them at the kitchen table as we read this.

One can't blame them. It is true. Okay, kind of. On the way to my graduate degree and then my successful career in the applied sciences, I did take a women and lit class once in undergrad to fulfill gen. ed requirements. Maybe that's what they were referring to?

But I guess my success is due more to some kind of gender affirmative action, than any true ability on my part?

After all, Mr. Day said that "womyn" are bad at science, it must be true. Don't believe him? Ask his fans. They will back up his article with "scientific" facts of their own. I mean... they are coming from men. It must be true.

What is the saddest thing of all, though, is that I think most of these guys really believe what they write. They whine when people stereotype them as having tiny dicks, or being secretly gay, or as hating women. I don't give a rat's ass about any of that. (being a lesbian, I really don't care about penis size, after all).

What I do care about is that he has this many fans who only perpetuate the hatred of women. Don't like his style of "cruel humor?" You must be a radical atheist fascist feminist lesbian. Nothing good ever comes from hate speech. To me, it just looks like a pathetic attempt to gain fans by being completely radical in anti-women speech, and knowing full-well that there are men who will eat it up.

That is fucking pathetic. Enjoy your homo circle-jerk while it lasts, fellas. You are in a minority now that is getting smaller by the day.


Verlch said...

Hey lady,

Thought you might like this song.

Verlch said...

Bane said...

I don't hate women. I love them. I just hate you.

Fannie said...

Wow, sometimes the caricatures just write themselves.


Jane Know said...

Seriously. So predictable.

As if THEIR type isn't a dime a dozen.

Fucking morons. And next, these "gentlemen" will tell us all about their really, really hot wives who are completely happy and anti-feminist, too!

Grace said...

Un-fucking-believable. Seriously, Jane. What fucking ass-clowns. Sorry. I can't help but swear today. It feels good.

John said...

I was not never to swear in the presence of a lady.

John said...

That should be:

I was taught never to swear in the presence of a lady.

Jane Know said...

Yeah, and here's the part where they go back their man-hole and brag about the "mean" things they said over here. As if. They have no idea what it would take to really hurt me.

Fannie said...

On insults, I highly recommend Portly Dyke's analysis:

Grace said...

God, I read through a bunch of comments on their site. What a bunch of white trash hicks.

Jane Know said...

Just went to "bane's" blog, out of curiosity... this man who hates me, but doesn't even know me.

Listen to what he says about himself. Bless his little soul: "First off, I'm a husband. First and foremost. A happy one, and damned lucky and glad to be yoked the way I am. We are as different as two puzzle pieces that just happen to be able to fit together.

Secondly, I'm a Father. No, not one of those molesters in black dresses, a real father, of two sweet young children, whom I would cheerfully kill and/or die for. Anybody on earth, except for the wife."

Wait?! Did he just say he would kill his kids?

Anyway, his blog reeks of mid-life crisis, small-penis, must-brag-about-my-chest-width-and-hairiness syndrome.

The way he goes on and on about how much he loves his children and wife (good job, buddy, you are one exceptional bro for loving your own damn kids!! that makes you such a good man!!). And how he mentions just today, that weighs 215 pounds and stands "nearly 6 feet tall." (which we all know is 5'9" tops in man-speak)...

Well "Bane," have a nice life with your homo "Vox." Since you are such an adoring fan of someone who is so belligerent towards women, it's clear that yes, actually, you DO hate women.


Matt said...

Yes you do an excellent job of proving him wrong with your sarcasm. Wow it does work!

POOF I'm right.

Stick around a bit. You'll come to find Vox doesn't just pull things out of his ass when they can be verified with these amazing things called "statistics".

You clearly can't read you stupid cunt. He wrote "whom I would KILL AND/OR DIE FOR

You took a literature class but you can't understand such a simple sentence?

Or did you wet yourself thinking this man would kill his children and decide to project your own sick sexual fantasies onto a man discussing his life proudly. Hey, whatever gets you off.

You like ass-to-mouth, don't you?

Jane Know said...

your words mean nothing to me. just like your really "deep" blog.

Call me when you want to discuss real statistics and the differences between correlation and causation. The fact that you blindly support Vox Day is a testament to your inability to actually interpret statistics. I presume you haven't taken any rudimentary courses on it, then.

As a lesbian, no I don't have sexual fantasies about children, nor "ass to mouth." You see, the way it works is, lesbians like to have sex with other grown women. But I don't expect you to very educated about sex. I understand. It's hard to know much about it when you only have your hand to practice with.

Though, I do applaud you for getting in touch with your more feminine, emotional side. Obviously I struck a nerve. Toodles! :-)

Jane Know said...

Is matt retarded? Oops, in that case, I should probably not make fun of him anymore.

*patting him on his helicopter beanie*

Thanks for playing, buddy. Run off to your fantasy world, where women are no longer a threat to your manly manhood.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with you attempting to make heads or tails of this "wretched hive of scum and villainy," as Obi Wan would say. I've been conducting a sociological study of them for about 2 mo now. I'm hetero, male, liberal, etc.
Yes, they DO hate women, that is, they hate any attempt at female equality or assertion into society. To this end, they've concocted a Biblical rationale for female subservience. The horror is, there are presumably a number of women who actually agree with them. Vox Day's (Theodore Beale) wife, nicknamed "Spacebunny" (yes, I know) is completely cowed to the entire insane worldview. VD himself is a spoiled rich kid, son of multi-millionaire Jesus freak and Federal tax evasion inmate and libertarian Robert Beale. The entire scene is quite a bit more bizarre than I have time to outline. I encourage a dispassionate perusal of these blogs, for edification on just how pathological American psyche can be.
But don’t get to upset by what you witness in the insane asylum.

Jane Know said...

Thanks for the comment, anonymous. I've been doing some research of my own lately... I figured Spacebunny was either a seriously deluded female fan of Vox's or one of their girlfriends/wives. She has commented a couple times to me in retaliation of my comments on Vox's blog. It's an interesting bunch, really. But dangerous, nonetheless. I'll be keeping an eye on them. What I've read so far hasn't so much upset me, as it has left me completed shocked that this man has a following. But in light of humankind's history of making scapegoats out of groups of people for no reason other than their being different, I shouldn't be too surprised.