Friday, March 7, 2008

Open Letter to Fitz

having read your latest article at Opine, I have a few comments and questions. Let's start with this:

What is your solution to the problem of the "selfishness" of gay people?

Do you propose that gays not be allowed to have children?

Do you propose that they not be able to legally be in relationships with each other, since they are so selfish?

Do you deny, like others on your blog, that gay people even exist?

Do you think that heterosexuals who get married in "shotgun" types of weddings only to divorce shortly after having children are "selfish" as well?

Or do you hold gay and lesbian relationships to higher standards than heterosexual relationships?

Are you only opposed to marriage equality insofar as "the children" are involved?

Because so far, all I've seen you do is bitch and moan about how selfish they are, and cheer on every anti-gay victory that passes, and vow to only vote for candidates based on their "SS'M'" (as you call it) stance as if that one thing is the basis of every choice you will ever make.

Get a life, man.

Even gay people don't care about marriage equality that much.

Instead, why don't you for once offer real, workable solutions or stop bitching?

Answer this simple question, and we will proceed from there.

What is an acceptable life for gays and lesbians to lead, in your eyes, Fitz?

Simple question. Should be a simple answer. Or what's the matter, haven't thought about that? Well give it a minute or two, and then come up with your answer.

I'm doing this as an exercise in empathy. I want Fitz to answer these questions to see his real views on gay people. You see, the Opiners all claim to not hate gay people, yet all they ever do is complain about the trouble we cause, and our lack of morals, and our excess of selfishness.

We'll see.



arturo fernandez said...

Fitz is a bigot.

Jane Know said...

I think Fitz is scared of strong women. He's slightly obsessed with putting women back in their places. I'm just trying to get to the root of all that.

arturo fernandez said...

You're kinder and more patient than I.

His kind are either anti-women or guided by an ideology that is essentially anti-women, like the Catholic ideology. It's usually a combination of the two.

Their homophobia comes from the fear that the masculine will be debased by being like the female. In their attraction to the male, homosexual men are like the female. In their less aggressive and violent sensibilities, gay men are more like women. The interesting thing is that ideologues like the Opiners share gay men's sensibilities more than the typical male. Jose once told me how much he enjoys ballet, for example. You see, all their lives these individuals have been trying to make up for this (perceived) lack-of-masculinity complex. Hatred of homosexuals is how they do it.

Paul Jamieson said...

"Jose once told me how much he enjoys ballet, for example"

I guess I really hate my wife because I like The Pet Shop Boys and Morrissey.


arturo fernandez said...

Is your wife a homosexual?

Paul, over at the Bigots Blog, I responded to this comment of yours, but op-ed deletes my comments. (Jane, I hope you don't mind)

"Why are men and women created the way they are? Could it have been for a purpose?"

A young male looks at a beautiful female, he gets an erection. That's his body telling him to enpregnate her, rape her if necessary. His erection has a purpose, you believe he should surrender to its purpose.

Morality comes first. Sometimes morality depends on us misusing our body parts. If men didn't masturbate, they'd be a lot more rape going on.

Paul Jamieson said...

Arturo - your hatred of anyone who doesn't agree with your agenda is palpable

Marriage is under attack by you and your radical liberal friends

We are defending it.

Soon we will be on the attack, because offense is better than defense in my estimation.

I am a married father of three who reveres the right to vote and despises the liberal agenda. The homosexual activists, share this agenda and I work to defeat them

I also like ballet, classical music, heavy metal, NASCAR, and Baseball

arturo fernandez said...

You're not LOL-ing anymore?

John said...

Marriage is under attack by you and your radical liberal friends"


Your private prejudices are under attack, and well they should be.

Jane Know said...

Paul, instead of assuming that anyone has an evil "liberal agenda," can you perhaps answer any of the questions I addressed to Fitz? As I guessed, he hasn't answered them. Maybe you can shed some light on where you, personally, are coming from. Renee over at Opine did the same, and it actually helped me understand her viewpoints. I strongly disagree with her, but I can respect that, for once, someone over there gave me an honest answer.

Paul Jamieson said...

you don't even know you have an agenda

its kind of sad, but we pray that you will see the light and stop torturing others with your hatred

Paul Jamieson said...

oh, and the questions you ask mean nothing

we have answered them ad nauseum and you still don't like the answers

Jane Know said...

nice talkin' to ya Paul.

Paul Jamieson said...

always a pleasure Jane

Jane, your playin' a game you know you can't win girl

Paul Jamieson said...

always a pleasure Jane

Jane, your playin' a game you know you can't win girl

Paul Jamieson said...

always a pleasure Jane

Jane, your playin' a game you know you can't win girl

Jane Know said...

Seriously? That was a little gay.

Paul Jamieson said...

You are right. In the true sense of the word, I was gay when I wrote that.

Now if you mean it was a little bit homosexual, please explain why quoting a lyric is a little homosexual?