Friday, March 21, 2008

The Gender Genie says... I am a male

I stumbled upon this tool today. It is based on an article and test from New York Times Magazine written about a team of Israeli scientists who developed an algorothm that predicts with 80% accuracy the author of an article's gender.

For fun, I entered a couple of my recent blog articles (with quotes attributed to other people taken out):

The reason for the HPV vaccine... received a Female Score: 437
and Male Score: 1029

Help Celebrate "Keep the Bigots Home Day!" received Female Score: 303
and Male Score: 558

Even Concerned Woman for America, Jose Solano, discusses bigotry within the homosexualist agenda received a Female Score: 114
Male Score: 256

Now, let's take a look at the scores of some other people, shall we (again, with quotes attributed to other people taken out)?

Fannie is also apparently a male. With a Female Score: 745 and
Male Score: 936 in one of her recent articles.

Marty, the self-ascribed "ruthless, couthless, and toothless" homobigot over at Opine Editorials is our first case study.
I entered this passage written by him. What did the gender genie predict? Yep, female. (Female Score: 73 Male Score: 48)

I was really hoping blogger Vox Day would come up as "female," especially when I entered his latest article in the gender genie. Alas, no such luck. He received a solidly macho Female Score: 870 to am Male Score: 1762.

Anyway, I do think it's interesting, that of all the anti-feminist males I've argued with the past year on my blog, they all accuse me of "female whining" or "grunting" or femi-nazi speak when in fact, I probably sound no more feminine than they do. It's a testament of their own inability to effectively counter my arguments (and other women's arguments) with anything of substance, so they take an easy out and resort to stereotypical criticisms of women.

Makes me wonder that if I were a man, would they accuse me of the same things? I'm sure that answer is no.


Fannie said...


And no, if you were a male they would not accuse your internet persona of being "shrill" (remember "The Culturologist"? *shiver*), which of course is humorous since how do they know what your voice sounds like?

Jane Know said...

It's just super easy to stereoype the opposition into a perfectly packaged shrill-liberal-commie-womyn's-studies-major-femi-nazi-lesbian who doesn't shave her armpits. Then you don't have to counter any of their arguments with reason or logic.

rem said...

well there's not much i can contribute besides saying that jane DOES shave her armpits. that is all.