Friday, January 4, 2008

Seriously? Huckabee?

Mkay, Iowa Republicans. Suit yourselves.

Gregory Herek has an article all about Huckabee and his infamous AIDS quarantine statements over at his blog.

As a refesher, Huckabee has said this about people with AIDS (in his 1992 campaign for the US Senate):

If the federal government is truly serious about doing something with the AIDS virus, we need to take steps that would isolate the carriers of this plague…. It is difficult to understand the public policy towards AIDS. It is the first time in the history of civilization in which the carriers of a genuine plague have not been isolated from the general population, and in which this deadly disease for which there is no cure is being treated as a civil rights issue instead of the true health crisis it represents.

And, apparently he stands by his statement, even today:

“I still believe this today,” he said in a broadcast interview, that “we were acting more out of political correctness” in responding to the AIDS crisis. “I don’t run from it, I don’t recant it,” he said of his position in 1992. Yet he said he would state his view differently in retrospect.

I'm just saying. If Huckabee gets elected, I am officially giving up on the US and moving to The Netherlands.


This Is Not Ok said...
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Paul Jamieson said...

That is your biggest problem

You are stubborn, selfish and cannot compromise and would rather ditch everything on the basis of one single issue

Enjoy Amsterdam

Jane Know said...

Huckabee actually has several issues with which I have problems, just an FYI. I am not going to move to another country solely on the basis of gay marriage. I will live my life and be happy regardless of the gay marriage issue.

I just don't want this country run by religious fundamentalists or ignorant fuckwads like yourself and Huckabee.

Thanks for stopping by, Paul.

This Is Not Ok said...
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