Monday, January 21, 2008

"Enemies" of America: Opine is at it again.

I woke up this morning to a text message from a good friend, informing me that the wonderful Pam's House Blend referenced me in an article on Saturday. Once I put aside my giddiness at having been mentioned by Pam, I actually read the article. She discusses a recent Opine Editorials article that suggests LGBT people in America are actually enemies of the country, similar to terrorists.

Predictably, the Opiners' arguments center around the fact that LGBT citizens are out to "destroy the foundations of this country" (ie-Family), and this is similar to the way Muslim fundamentalists and terrorists are out to destroy the foundations of our country.

The article cites David French, a Reservist fighting in Iraq and senior counsel for the "Alliance Defense Fund." Seriously.

Yes, I also had never heard of this "Defense Fund." In essence, it describes itself as "...a legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth through strategy, training, funding, and litigation."

And that capitalized "T" in "truth" is all I needed to see to realize that this is a Christian fundamentalist organization (read: anti-gay). Because anytime someone or something claims to know absolute Truth with a capital T, the warning bells and whistles go off. Oh, that and the picture of the Holy Bible right under their logo.

I've said it before but, similar to when Opine compared themselves to Watchmen on the Walls, they REALLY should check their sources and make sure they aren't citing thinly-veiled hate groups or fundie groups that are only going to further discredit their arguments. How embarrassing for them. Especially since Fitz titled his article "Inspirational."

He ends his short little article with this sentence:

"I found the specter of a man who spends half his time fighting America’s enemies within & the other half fighting Americas enemies abroad to be truly inspirational!"

What, exactly, Fitz is "inspirational" about a group that devotes all of its energies and resources to spreading hate in the name of Jesus and the Holy Bible, something of which He surely would not have approved?

Here are some "choice" quotes by other commenters.

hazumu said:
"...America is built on the metaphor of 'Family'. Thus, that which mocks the moral wholesomeness of the family which is the bedrock of America's moral superiority is an EMEMY of America."

The always ignorant Jose Solano:

"It must be understood that to ennoble acts of moral turpitude, to teach children that it is right and good to engage in perverse sexual activities, to deliberately subject children to fatherless or motherless homes to be raised by people who wish to corrupt the meaning of marriage is a terrible, even criminal activity in a rational society, as it indeed corrupts the morals of children and society. Homosexuals do not wish to see this because it goes contrary to their desires, their urges which they do not wish to control. Rather than control their perverse urges, their concupiscence, they would like everyone to affirm and bless them by awarding them marriage privileges and benefits."

And the hateful Marty, per his usual:

"It appears to me that the vast majority of LGBT folks have a selfish and single-minded "what's in it for me" attitude towards the +/- 5% of LGBT folks who are actiist and actively working to undermine the family, religion, and the institution of marriage."

Yes, folks, it seems Opine brought its very best out for this article. To once again prove just how ignorant, hateful, and bigoted they really are.

Congrats, fellas. You proved me right, again.

In honor of his day of rememberance, I will close with these quotes, by Martin Luther King, Jr:

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -- "Strength to Love," 1963.

"Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor. -- "Letter from Birmingham Jail," April 16, 1963.

and, just because: "Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. It is a weapon unique in history, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals." -- "Why We Can't Wait," 1964.


Fannie said...

It is disgusting that during a time of war and so close to the day where we remember a civil rights legend, the Opiners seek to further divide our own country into "good" versus "evil" factions. They, like President Bush, are dividers rather than uniters, no matter what they claim.

I learned long ago that Jose, Fitz, Marty, On Lawn and company are nothing but hate mongers who disguise their bigotry with a veil of concern for "the family."

Anymore, I can only laugh at them. For, they are the only ones who do not see their hate for what it is.

Jane Know said...

Fannie, I agree completely. They are the ones trying to legitimize their hatred for an innocent group of people who are just living their lives and harming no one.

They are no different from the racist bigots of MLK's era, who also tried to legitimize their hatred/fear of black people through concerns of "family" or "racial purity" or "religion" or flawed "separate but equal" school systems.

John said...

In a way a it's a bit refreshing to see them outright display their hatred.

I prefer that to the condescending tone On Lawn generally takes.

Because now, no lurker can swayed by their "respect for human dignity" bullshit.

Fannie said...

Good point, John.

Every time they speak, they discredit themselves.

Fannie said...

[I refuse to post this on Opine, knowing that my words are censored there]

Fitz's latest deep thought:

"Within the context of Marriage quo “marriage” with 40% of children being born to out-of-wedlock homes and 50% divorce rates and 70% illegitimacy rates among African-Americans specifically – I do not cringe at calling proponents of same-sex marriage “Americas Enemies."

So, lemme get this straight. Gay people are currently not allowed to marry in most states. Yet, out-of-wedlock births, divorce rates, and illegitimacy rates among African-Americans are sky high.

This is all very perplexing. Same-sex marriage is not legal yet the state of marriage is in the shitter. Who is the real "enemy" of marriage?

How are advocates for gay marriage America's enemies, yet those who are actually destroying "marriage" by getting divorces and having "illegitimate" children not?

Is it true that you believe divorcees, unwed parents, and African-Americans who have illegitimate children are enemies of America? How could they not be under YOUR OWN REASONING?

How are those who advocate for same-sex marriage more of an enemy to America than those who are actually destroying their own marriages and families?

Be specific.

Pray tell, "GI" Fitz. I'm confident that you and your staunch marriage defenders are reading this.

"Your competency is on display."

Why don't you be a real American hero and back up your bold statements.

John said...

Fannie, my favorite on-line bigot explains it thusly.

Sex is only for married people. Any other use of sexuality is immoral.
Likewise homosexuality is also immoral.

Therefore, the breakdown in family values is the bottom of the slippery slope that we stepped on in 196? when the Pill separated sex from it's natural consequences.

Therefore anyone who condones sex without consequence and/or homosexuality is immoral.

And immorality is America's enemy.

Fannie said...

Oh, it all makes *so much sense* now.

But seriously, he's really claiming that we all are America's enemies.

Why.... I'm almost.... *wipes tear of laughter away*... almost, offended....

hammerpants said...

"Sex is only for married people. Any other use of sexuality is immoral.
Likewise homosexuality is also immoral."

If I may elaborate:

Sex is only for married people. Any other use of sexuality is immoral because it is outside the family.
Homosexual sex does not generate offspring.
Therefore homosexual sex is immoral.
Homosexuals can't get married because homosexuality is immoral.
Sex is only for married people...

circular reasoning much?

John Howard said...

This war will never be over as long as we insist on imposing gay marriage and genetic engineering on the whole world. And don't try to deny that is what some people want America to try to do, as evidenced by the photo spread on Dan L's post at PHB.

I bet that we could bring about a cease fire and indeed peace if America stopped pushing a postgendered future on the whole planet.

Jane Know said...

you raise a good point in regards to Fitz. He is ridiculous. Is he an attorney? I pity the legal system that he butchers and misinterprets every day, if so. I wonder if he's read my previous article...

I wonder, if he is an attorney, how he passed the ethics portion of his Bar review, if he seriously thinks gay people are the enemy of the country. And if he TRULY thinks that article he referenced "is inspirational."

John said...

I have been America's enemy for a long time. I was only 16 when my own family told me that "people like me" are America's enemies.

It's actually fun to contemplate the horrors that "people like me" would bring to the country.

Jane Know said...

John, and what exactly are "people like you?" ;-)

I'm sure any individual who isn't part of the flock of sheeple, in the eyes of people like the Opiners and religious fundamentalists, is "America's enemy" in some form or another... as it is impossible to completely conform to their rigid standards.

Fannie said...
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Fannie said...

[sorry for the deletion above, typos]


I don't know or care if Fitz is an attorney. Attorneys aren't exactly highly-esteemed in our society.

I do wonder what his thoughts are on me being a member of the bar. It sounds as though he would say that I, being an "enemy" of America according to him, am not ethically fit for the bar.

We should all, perhaps, be sitting in prison cells in Guantanamo Bay.

Fitz's post is a true testament to intolerance. If you don't agree with him, you are an enemy of the state. You don't deserve to have an opinion that differs from him, because if you do you're nothing but a "Marxist" or a "red" or an "un-American enemy."

Does his "argument" sound like real American values?

I don't think so.

Fannie said...

"On Lawn" has written a defense of Fitz's idiotic overstatement demonstrating how "On Lawn," who is incompetent, not only has an inflated sense of his own competence, but is also incapable of even recognizing competence.


John said...

Ir's funny. My views on many issues have changed over the years, but I am still the same "enemy of America" today as I was in 1972, when I marched against the war in Vietnam.

I was the "enemy of America" when I backed Title IX, that let (gasp!) girls in my school.

I was "enemy of America" when I backed the rights of boys to wear their hair as long as they wanted, and girls to wear their skirts as short as they wanted.

The issues may have changed, but I am still the "enemy of America" for backing the right every minority to live their lives as they see fit, unmolested by the government.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Here, let me save you the trouble of conversation with Opine Idiotorals:


Why waste your breath on known liars anyway? lol!

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

If you guys want to have some fun, ask On Lawn why Christian aka Genghis Cohen has been so quiet lately. It would be fun to see his old face spring back to life.

Jane Know said...

Yeah, he's been totally M.I.A. for months. Hmm...