Monday, January 7, 2008

He's Baaaaaaack...

One of the nation's most outspoke anti-gay advocates is back and at it again. The "Reverend" Ken Hutcherson, of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, WA is urging his religious sheeple to purchase Microsoft stocks in an attempt to stop the company "stop financing ungodly ventures."

Yes, I've blogged about this ignorant, greedy fuckwad before, if the name sounds familiar. He vowed to make Microsoft his number one enemy if they keep supporting gay rights bills in the state of Washington.

Now Hutcherson has joined with other "Christian" leaders to create AGN Financial Network, to finance the effort to take control of the country's major corporations. The worldwide venture asks people to buy three shares of company stock, and donate one to AGN. I have yet to find AGN's official website. If anyone out there has the URL, I would love to take a gander at it.

This practically screams AFA to me. Like the AFA, Hutcherson is using propoganda tactics to exploit gay people and turn it into profit for himself. While he certainly is a bigot in every sense of the word, what is more ridiculous are the thousands of people who blindly follow him because he is a "pastor." They shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars because they believe (?) they are doing the "Christian" thing, when really they are making this bastard rich.

For example, the article in seattlepi regarding this new development says:

When asked whether the new initiative is a ploy to make money for his church, Hutcherson said, "Absolutely."

"We're going to need the finances to go to the next companies," he said. "Anything you do successfully needs money."

I can only hope that the rest of America, Hutcherson's flock of sheeple excluded, can see past his scary, threatened (yes, threatened) smile, and see him for the dangerous man that he is.

It appears that may be the case. Thankfully.

Here are some quotes by commenters on seattlepi:

"Posted by andelero at 1/7/08 5:48 p.m.

Hilarious. Could there be a more transparent and audacious money grab in the name of the righteous? It's obvious this will have zero impact on Microsoft or their policies, but it will go a long way toward juicing the coffers of this con artist."

"Posted by Seattle_Lover at 1/7/08 5:54 p.m.

...To go after Microsoft because they have shown class, provided an equal work place free of employer discrimination and persecution, is absolutely ridiculous.

When God comes calling, I hope he really goes after those that judge."

"Posted by kd-westseaattle at 1/7/08 5:54 p.m.

Hutcherson is a fool. And a young earth creationist. Another Seattle embarrassment.

'When we present Jesus as a pro-war, anti-poor, anti-homosexual, anti-environment, pro-nuclear weapons authority figure draped in an American flag, I think we are making a travesty of the portrait of Jesus we find in the gospels.'
-- Brian McLaren"

"Posted by Liberal Dragon at 1/7/08 6:23 p.m.

Hutcherson is a moron and he's dangerous. It's almost as if he has completely lost his mind... Oh, wait a minute, he HAS lost his mind along with Ted Haggard, Oral Roberts and all of the other extremist, power-hungry, religious fanatics."

"Posted by TerryP at 1/7/08 7:42 p.m.

...As a black man, Reverend Hutcherson should be ashamed of himself; in that, back in the Fifties, the White Citizens Council and the Klu Klux Klan were working similarly to ensure continued discrimation against African-Americans. But the so-called reverend seems too ignorant, or just plain dumb, to make that connection. Bigots usually are both."

Well, it looks like he doesn't have many people fooled.

If his sheeple want to waste their money on a hateful cause, so be it. I doubt they will make a dent in Microsoft operations. Ken Hutcherson may make some profit from this initiative, but I do predict that a skeleton will come out of his closet before this is all over. 'Cuz really, he ain't threatened by the gays! He just don't want 'em influencing state policy.



We'll see what is dredged up from his past eventually. People this scary usually have some really weird, sick, or truly perverted skeletons buried way deep. I can't wait for the day they are exposed.

Crazy is as crazy does. And this man definitely does crazy.


Fannie said...

Soooo.... this man is plotting to take over our corporations, eh?

Funny. Watchmen on the Walls founder accused Teh Gays of plotting to overtake our nation's corporations.

This whole movement seems to be suffering from the delusion of mass projection.

The hatred and intolerance that this "pastor" is trying to spread is frightening. And surely, un-Christian.

Jane Know said...

Yep, the epitome of hypocrite. We can't force people/corporations to not fire people for being GLBT, but HE can (try to) force people to NOT accept us?

Mkay, girl. Get down with yer bad self.

Paul Jamieson said...

oh poor Jane cannot not accept her abnormal sexuality

what else would you call it Jane

and what is a Fuckwad?

"I hope you are proud of your words 10 years from now"

"Congrats, fuckwad, you have just earned your place in an embarrassing wall of shame and intolerance."

There is no higher honor than this for me.

I thank you with all my heart

oh - and I thought you were going to ignore me?

see - i knew you couldn't!!!!!

Fuckwad ?

Do I have to teach you a lesson in manners - I think so - ok here goes - if you call me fuckwad

Your Delta Kai pledge name is;

butch dyke scum!

Jane Know said...

lol. You are a true master of words, Paul. I will leave this up so everyone can see how nice you are.

Paul Jamieson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fannie said...


Any "Opiners" reading this care to comment on Paul's comment?

I am very interested.

Fannie said...

And knowing Jane, I wouldn't describe her as butch.

More like futch. The middle road between butch and fem.

Paul Jamieson said...

Remember Jane

You call me fuckwad

I will call you Butch Dyke

You started the name calling and I am merely showing you that it is wrong.

This is how I teach people like you a lesson in manners

See how you like it when you slander and call names

You don't like it one bit do you?

I will continue to mock you if you slander an denigrate me.

and leave the Opiners out of this - I am not one of them nor do I pretend to be as eloquent as them

Jane Know said...

Oh Paul, honey... I take being called "butch dyke" a compliment. Thanks! They are hott.

Lesson not learned. You are still a fuckwad. Calling me a butch does not change that. Sorry, loser.

Jane Know said...

"I am not one of them nor do I pretend to be as eloquent as them"

I just spit out my delicious sub sandwich that you called Opiners "eloquent." Thanks a lot.

Fannie said...

Why is it that these fools always think they need to teach other people lessons?

Again, he's only embarassing himself and his "side" whenever he speaks.

Grace said...

Wow. Paul Jamieson has some serious issues!

Methinks the lady doth protest too much. But that's a different topic altogether.

Paul- you're a hack. And a fuckwad.

Paul Jamieson said...
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Grace said...
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Grace said...

Paul- Here are some definitions of Fuckwad for you courtesy of Urban Dictionary:

1. An individual who is beneath contempt.

2. A despicable person

3. descriptive or derogatory term alleging equivalence to a mass of jism or spunk spent in an act of intercourse; similar to jerkwad, except production is masturbatory.

4. A retarded politician

5. That annoying little shit who thinks he's bigger and better than everybody, when in all actuality he's the worst.

6. An uneducated twitty jackass who is unpleasant to interact with.

Hope you understand now.

As far as the "Delta Kai" nickname goes...Are you making some sort of Greek Fraternity/Sorority reference?

Because that would be Delta Chi. You see, "Kai" isn't a Greek letter. So, you just sound stupid. Especially in the same comment where you call others "dopes".

I'm actually feeling a little sorry for you. You're not terribly bright, are you?

Jane Know said...

Grace hahaha *snort*

I especially liked this part of the fuckwad definition: "similar to jerkwad, except production is masturbatory."

Hmmm, anyway, maybe I will blog about how "butch dyke" isn't a put-down.

Or, next, I could blog about how sororities should raise their standards to require their ladies to at least be able to spell what sorority they are talking about...

So many options, so little time.

Jane Know said...

Oh, and Grace... tell Paul that he can call me names on my blog (when I feel like it), but he can't call my friends names.

Fannie said...

Delta "Kai" power!!

Paul Jamieson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Paul Jamieson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Since we are talking with Paul, I thought this might be appropriate:

What's Eating Paul Jamieson?

Paul Jamieson said...

"Since we are talking with Paul, I thought this might be appropriate"

You mean talking at Paul.

Just can't stand it can you Hosty - another one trying to "ignore" me

I can just see the fingers wailing away at the keyboard ROFLMAO

Damn type type type Jamieson type type type I'll fix him type type type I'll write about him on my Hosty Blog where its type type type All Hosty type type all the time!!!!!!!!!!!


Jane Know said...

Are you crazy, Paul? I mean, if so, I understand where your comments are coming from after all. But you should probably get some help for that. I can refer you to some excellent therapists.