Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lies and more ad Nazium watch...

According to the One News Now website, the organization is now shrieking at what they are calling "Homosexual Pledge Cards." To everyone else, the pledge cards are simply a promise not to call others LGBT-related slurs.

You know, slurs that people learn from their parents and other children, and then think it's okay to use on the playground at school. "Faggot," "queer," and "dyke" are, to many kids still today, the ultimate put-down and insult.

To folks like Peter LaBarbara, apparently, this is akin to Nazism:

"This is just bizarre, and it shows how the teachers with their radical sexual agenda want to start early to reprogram these kids' minds. They want to undermine the faith teachings that the kids have at home; this is part of a plan," he suggests. "To me, this is like Hitler with Nazi Germany and the Soviets wanting to get to the youth and change the kids by getting to them at a very young age."

Um, since when is vowing to make schools a safe place for everyone and promising to stop using harmful slurs on par with the Nazis? They seem to think that there is some hidden "Gay Agenda" at play with every move that includes "LGBT" in it, when usually it. really. is. just. about. equality.

I have a feeling that if schools were instead teaching children that homosexuality is wrong, an aberrant "lifestyle choice," they would find nothing wrong with that. So, it isn't the alleged "teaching of homosexuality" they disagree with. It is the teaching against hate speech that they disagree with. Okay, got it.

And seriously, Nazi references are a bit overdone by now, don'tcha think, Peter?

Do they ever learn?

They should be ashamed. And even if they will never be ashamed, they should learn by now that if you don't really have a valid argument to make, simply throwing in a "Nazi" reference is only going to hurt your side more.


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