Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chicago Proposition 8 Rally

I attended the Join the Impact Proposition 8 rally in Chicago today. Just thought I would share the one picture I took from my camera phone. (Thankfully my two friends brought their own cameras and I will get more pictures later).

Though it was cold and windy (typical Chicago weather), the protest was a good couple thousand people strong, at least, though I am not the best at estimating crowd size. It was very peaceful, organized, and emotional (for me). A handful of Chicago police officers were standing by, chatting amicably with protestors and observing the demonstration. At no point were there any threats or acts of violence. The Gay Men's Chorus sang, several people gave speeches, a little marching band was there, and thousands of LGBT people, families, children, and straight allies mingled and held up their signs. It was a great event, and I feel thankful to live in such a tolerant city. Even the onlookers walking by and people driving by in cars were supportive. At one point, someone mentioned some counter-protestors, but I never saw any of them (I am assuming their numbers were so small they were pretty much invisible).

Just wanted to give a little update from my perspective. Thanks to all who attended the event! It was a welcome, sane, peaceful sight in light of the many events and accusations that have transpired since election day. I am confident that our numbers of supporters will continue to grow, so long as we keep having events like this.

Peace and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Fannie said...


Regarding the counter-protestors. Apparently, Peter LaBarbera (from Americans for Truth [sic] About Homosexuality) and Matt Barber (formerly of Concerned Women for America) were at the Chicago protest with 2 other people.

By all accounts, that was the extent of the "counter-protest."

Jane Know said...

Haha! I'm so sorry to have missed them. I absolutely can't wait to see their take on the event, which I am sure will include pics of men kissing [which they will, of course, later use as masturbation material for months].