Thursday, July 24, 2008

AFA Alert [insert 1950s Commie bomb warning sound here]

Don Wildmon and his little group, the AFA, are getting desperate, it appears.

I have received 6 "AFA Action Alerts" since 7/11/08.

Among the headlines from our cookoo conservative cohorts:

*McDonald's: those opposing ssm are motivated by hate (a-der. good luck in your boycott of McDonald's, by the way.)

*Will You Pray for China During the Olympics? (which is really a ploy to get you to buy a "free" Olympic "prayer band.")

*Liberals block effort to help solve energy crisis (because the AFA is, like, SOOO environmentally aware now)

*Tear Apart the “Theory” of Evolution And Win Every Debate, Every Time…

For those curious, the article begins like this:

"Dear Friend,

I’m fed up with Darwin…

When evolution supporters tried to make me feel foolish for believing in God, I decided to do something about it.

Evolution is not proven fact. Every one of their claims can be torn to shreds. All you need are the missing pieces. Today, I’ll show you what they are.

Within minutes, you’ll:

• Quickly take down self-righteous atheists…

• Easily and accurately defend God’s role as our Creator…

• Send hardened skeptics into a state of confusion…

• Expose the “theory” of evolution and leave scientists with their mouths hanging open…

My name is Jeffrey Howard. If you ever challenged someone on evolution, I have great news.

By the time you read to the end of this letter, you’ll have everything you need to take on the skeptics and win. You’ll never be at a loss for words. The whole evolution debate will be right in your pocket.

Use it anytime, anywhere… It’s much easier than you think. Once you get the real story, it takes less than 5 minutes!"

And guess what? If you fork over your credit card number, he will be more than happy to share it all with you.

And that's not all! You will also get 4 "free reports" on "natural and inexpensive remedies for ADHD" AND "the names and exact doses of the nutrients that power up the part of your eye responsible for seeing vivid colors and sharp lines"
AND "5 simple nutrients that can protect your memory, burn through “brain fog” and help you think more clearly" AND "The 7 Nutritional Supplements that REALLY Work…" in slowing down your aging process!!

All of this by clicking on the link to provide your credit card information for these "FREE" reports.

Good times.

And here I thought the AFA was focused on anti-gay propaganda!

Man, it sure is expensive to be focused on the American Family these days.


Anonymous said...

is it just me, or does that letter sound like a corny 3am infomercial???

"Watch as single handedly dismantle the 'theory' of evolution with this handy "How to single handedly dismantle the 'theory' of evolution toolkit." (insert audience applause) With only 16 installments of 49.99, you too can win every debate, every time. We can't tell you the secret just yet, but I'll give you a hit, it involves blind faith and a complete disregard for actual scientific fact. Limited time warranty. Not sold in stores. Call now while supplied last."

Jane Know said...

Lol. "And not only that, we will throw in not one, not two, not three, but FOUR--COUNT 'EM FOUR!!-- 'special reports' on natural remedies to ADHD and aging! All of this yours for 20 easy payments of $999234.00."

John said...

It costs a lot of money to get God on your side, apparently.

Fannie said...

So, lemme get this straight. The same people whose "common sense" traditional values should rule our country are the same people who fall for these infomercial-like ads from the AFA?