Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Freedom to Marry Day!

For an excellent article on Freedom to Marry Day, and marriage equality, in general, go here.

As Evan Wolfson puts it best:

"As Americans across the country celebrate Freedom to Marry Day today, seizing the opportunity to have conversations with family members, friends, and coworkers about the importance of ending same-sex couples' exclusion from marriage, hopefully they'll talk a lot about gay couples and why marriage matters -- without saying "gay marriage" and "same-sex marriage." Same-sex couples, their kids and loved ones, and those of us who favor equal justice in America are not working to win "gay marriage." We are working to win the freedom to marry, ending the current unfair denial of marriage to those who are already doing the work of marriage in their own lives."

Let's take this day to tell someone why freedom to marry is important for everyone!