Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christians for Equality

I just found the following wonderful new blog, called Christians for Equality.

It looks like the author is attempting to counter the widespread tendency of anti-gay folks to mis-represent themselves as "victims." Well, and not only that, she is showing that (obviously) Christians can be for gay rights and equality. I am sure we all knew that, but it seems like the squeaky wheels of the Christians always get the most grease. This looks like it could be a refreshing new blog.

Her post today, for example, is a youtube clip featuring "Christian-bashing" vs. (the very real) gay-bashing.
Please check it out.


Kim Schultz said...

Wouldn't you know, I went to check out your profile just now and when I looked in on this blog my blog "Christians For Equality" was right at the top of your page. I'm sure you would really enjoy my main website called OutInWisconsin.org and thanks for posting my website on here.

Seda said...

Oh, that one's lovely! Thanks for the link.

Here's another good one: http://www.christianlgbtrights.org/

Take care!