Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gardasil receives regulatory approval for prevention of more cancer

On September 12, the Food and Drug Administration announced that Gardasil has received regulatory approval for the prevention of vulvar and vaginal cancer.

The news that Gardasil can prevent other types of cancers that HPV causes, of course, is not new information to most health-care providers (I hope), but at least now Merck can officially market Gardasil as such.

Merck is also investigating the vaccine's effectiveness in men (studies thus far have looked promising), and will be submitting data to the FDA later this year.

I'm crossing my fingers, for the sake of men everywhere, that the vaccine becomes FDA approved for men as well as women in the near future.


John said...

"Merck is also investigating the vaccine's effectiveness in men"

If Gardasil proves effective in preventing cancers in men, that would really change the political calculus.

I am convinced the very same people who are so against it now would suddenly change their tune.

Jane Know said...

I agree, John. This will be an interesting development as it shifts from "women's health" to "women's and men's health." WHat is funny to me is that the conservative Christian Right will no longer get to use Gardasil as anti-feminist propaganda. But... I am sure they will continue to use it as propaganda in other ways.

www.granada-3d.com said...

The guy is definitely just, and there's no doubt.