Friday, August 29, 2008

A Woman? They Are Desperate!

For the traditional Old White Man Club of Republican candidates (tm), and especially John McCain, to suck it up and choose a female running mate, they must realize they are in deep sh!t.

I can't wait to see how this all pans out.


John said...


I'm shocked, but I think this is good for McCain.

She appears to be the epitome of waat a modern Republican should be

Jane Know said...

I agree. She is the perfect little Republican woman to them. Anti-gay, Anti-abortion, religious, married, 5 kids, former beauty queen, etc etc.

Teddy2 said...

Do you think that McCain realizes that people like Hillary because of her values, views, and what she stands for... and not just because she has a vagina? What does he think that americans are stupid? She seems completely qualified though, seeing how she has been the alaskan governer for 20 months, and before that led, like 9000 people... SWEET!!!! Not to mention, she has a newborn, who probably should take some precedence! But either way, I thought it was cool how Obama said he wasnt gonna say anything about their families, and anyone in his camp who did would be promptly fired... not only doesnt it make Obama look good, but if McCain digs up somethin on Obamas family, he would look like an ASS if he said anything!!!
This whole thing should be interesting!
Oh and BTW, I know I havent written anything in like 8 months... sorry about that! I still have been reading though!